The Ultimate Brush Making Machine

There are some pretty nice brush making jigs out there. As far as I know, they are all made of wood, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact… there are some brush making techniques that don’t even require table, much less a power source.

What I am bringing to you here is a highly thought-out piece of equipment. In its simplicity of use, it is still very complex in the structure of the machine.

Here is my YouTube video explaining why this really is the Ultimate Brush Making Machineā€¦

If you are interested in buying the STL file to print your own. Contact me through my Facebook Page I will be offering complete courses in setting up your printer so you can make money. I highly suggest doing this. There is no extra charge.

If you are interested in the materials I use and the parts list, I will eventually have links to all the products I bought off Amazon; and yes, I am an Amazon Affiliate.

Let’s start off with the following 3D printer I use (I have 4)

There are a lot of filament types. I use PLA plus because it is easy to use and it is pretty stable.

The following is all the hardware used in making the Ultimate Brush Machine.

I definitely need to finish this list since there are a few more things to get.

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