Finding Good Fishing Spots

I have researched property lines on “Ohio County Auditors Website Maps”. If “THE PROPERTY LINES” cross the waterway, the land under the water “is owned”; however, according to all “County Auditors” I’ve talk too… “if” the “actual property line” stops before the waterway, the land owner does NOT own the land under it.

I’ve heard the references and arguments of owning to the middle of a waterway where a property owner owns the land “up to” the water way, but still owns the land underneath it. If that were true, all property owners would own to the middle of the road as well and would have the right to tell people not to drive on it. LOL, and for the Facebook “amateur” attorneys: please read and understand my reply here before making a case that I am condoning trespassing (because I am not).

Rather continue writing a book here, I have produced a video explaining how you can research where you want to fish, (((and have a legal right to)))…

Forget the secret spots

I don’t fish with anyone who says they have a secret spot anymore. Especially on moving water, you know creeks, rivers or streams. Why??? Because after fishing for better than 60 years… I have, more than likely, already fished that “secret” spot someone thinks they have.

I had a guy about 4 or 5 years back tell me he had a “secret spot”. The problem with that was, I’ve already fished it and fished it recently.

It was on a stretch of water along a bike path and a soccer field probably close to a mile of water.

I seriously thought he was kidding.