Easiest Technique For Silicone Squirmy Worms

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There is no tying required, but if helps to build a small ball of thread and coat it with uv resign as shown in the video. The flies are great for bluegill and carp; but will still catch many other fish as well.

Silicone tube

Puffer Balls

UV Light



In this category we will go over issues in this sport (that is supposed to be about fun); however, there are those people who insist on causing chaos by trolling groups with negativity, baited questions and answers just to get attention.

I “will not” expose exactly who these people are, but I will simply address the issue being raised.

There is a lot we do that is not conventional when it comes to tying, what materials or tools, rods or reels use we use. The main reason I use what I do; hint, it is all about the tug and the fun perusing it.

I will load an explanation video here, and build this post with links to other videos that cover a specific subject.