In this category we will go over issues in this sport (that is supposed to be about fun); however, there are those people who insist on causing chaos by trolling groups with negativity, baited questions and answers just to get attention.

I “will not” expose exactly who these people are, but I will simply address the issue being raised.

There is a lot we do that is not conventional when it comes to tying, what materials or tools, rods or reels use we use. The main reason I use what I do; hint, it is all about the tug and the fun perusing it.

I will load an explanation video here, and build this post with links to other videos that cover a specific subject.

Forget the secret spots

I don’t fish with anyone who says they have a secret spot anymore. Especially on moving water, you know creeks, rivers or streams. Why??? Because after fishing for better than 60 years… I have, more than likely, already fished that “secret” spot someone thinks they have.

I had a guy about 4 or 5 years back tell me he had a “secret spot”. The problem with that was, I’ve already fished it and fished it recently.

It was on a stretch of water along a bike path and a soccer field probably close to a mile of water.

I seriously thought he was kidding.